Systematic Finance


Mastering Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling

Mastering Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling is a book in the successful 'Mastering' Financial Times series. The book explains the corporate finance principles underlying cash modelling and builds a comprehensive model during the course of the book.


Mastering Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling is a practical book for developing a flexible cash flow and valuation model rather than an Excel text book or a corporate finance manual.  It seeks to bridge the gap between the two and describes a practical approach to developing an efficient financial model from a blank workbook.  You can work through each of the chapters and build the model yourself in stages.

The starter model consists of a series of skeleton sheets with basic data for you to review, modify and develop.  Financial modelling is a practical subject and you need to work through each of the the stages and overcome problems to understand the process of building a fully-functional model.  On completion you will be able to build your own models with improved accuracy using a greater range of Excel functionality.

This is an essential book for analysts and practitioners who build and use project and valuation models to help them increase the speed of model development and improve construction and aid analysis and reporting,



Starts with a skeleton template and builds a comprehensive cash flow model in stages