Systematic Finance


Mastering Financial Modelling

Mastering Financial Modelling is a best-seller - part of the successful 'Mastering' Financial Times series. It is a book for ‘finance people’ who use Excel. In consulting and training assignments, we see lots of examples of poor Excel design and this book sets out an efficient design method using a variety of corporate finance examples.


Financial modelling helps managers to make more informed decisions and, crucially, win corporate commitment for those decisions. The ability to construct useful financial models with speed and accuracy is key skill for all executives to master.

For the busy executive or finance officer, a general Excel user-manual is no place to start - today's financial models have moved a long way from the original single-sheet spreadsheets and you need a tried and test method of developing models quickly.

Modern spreadsheets allow managers to adopt advanced decision-making and analysis tools, but few have the time or programming skills to use spreadsheets to the full. This book shows managers how they can dramatically improve their Excel skills and master the use of financial models.



Part one sets out a comprehensive design method for developing operational and financial models