Systematic Finance

Systematic Finance - financial modelling services, financial training, financial model audit and review, financial modelling books

Consulting and Advisory

Excel financial modelling services from initial project specification to model design and completion. This includes building a new model or revising existing models together with auditing and providing risk reviews on existing models

All Systematic models are based on international best practice methodology to ensure consistency and transparency

In-house and Open Training

Comprehensive portfolio of workshops and training courses including:

  • Financial modelling demonstrating either basic and advanced Excel techniques, or
  • Building specific corporate models such as financial and credit analysis, company debt restructuring, project finance, investment appraisal, corporate valuation, leveraged buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, real estate finance and lease pricing and evaluation

Available in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and America

Financial Modelling Books

Best-selling industry-standard Excel textbooks for:

  • Mastering Financial Modelling: applied financial modelling demonstrating the benefits of Systematic's Design Method for building better models
  • Mastering Risk Modelling: outlines procedures for building integrated models to risk and simulation methods
  • Mastering Financial Mathematics in Excel: financial mathematics methods and techniques for cash flows, bonds and derivatives
  • Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling: demonstrates how to build comprehensive valuation models from a banking and valuation perspective
  • Applied Lease Finance: complete course on lease pricing, lessor and lessee evaluation, accounting, settlement analysis and asset management

Template Files provide individual ready-to-use models from the modelling books for use and further development

Digital Downloads for Purchased Books

This is the right place to download Excel files for eBooks purchased from the Amazon Kindle or Apple iTunes store. These files complement examples discussed in the books

Note that you will need a coupon (specific word from the book) to download the templates. Please follow the instructions on the Downloads page

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Templates and Apps

Comprehensive range of Excel templates and ready-made applications for immediate use or further development. These include:

  • Systematic Company Model for financial analysis, debt cover and free cash flow valuation
  • Systematic Business Calculator for single and multiple cash flow analysis, depreciation methods and fixed income calculations

Applied Lease Finance

Technical introduction to financial mathematics and building leasing models


Systematic advises and builds leasing models for lessors and lessees from acquisition to equipment disposal

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Systematic runs in-house and public workshops designed to improve skills and add real value